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Friday, 30 April 2010




Why? Because the potential scam about holograms in bracelets, wristbands of chains, should now FINALLY come to an END!

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I love the power and balance bracelet! It helps me a lot!


Its good to know that I'm not the only one who is skeptical with this product. I have a degree that greatly deals with frequency and the like and it still baffles me as to how this bracelet can correct and attune with your body's natural frequency.


An article that I read said "...and he stood on the bracelet and his balance improved!" well if that's the case, if there is a hologram anywhere in the world, we are all in balance!


lol was gonna but..nahhh :P XD

Mark Bradley

Once again an easy fix works 'magic'. As a Psycho-therapist, with real qualifications and accreditation I might add (BSc Hons, Post Grad Cert & MSc), I use 'magic' but call it placebo. With clients with psychological based pain i.e. F.A.P I use mindful CBT and a mint oil tablet. I tell clients the tablet has no fully understood active ingredients regarding pain but some people find it helpful with pain control. They take it and find it useful; placebo is an amazing tool but should be recognised as such.

Ps I do not charge extra for the tablets, I just send them to the local supermarket; their control over the buying of the tablet also has a nice positive effect regarding resilience.


It would seem to me that the size difference between the active portion of the these bracelets vs. the size of the human body would not provide a very efficient transfer of wave energy.

wincy ong

ako phows si wincy ong. director mula sa pilipinas. napaka galing ko phows dahil sa aking power balance. bilhin niyo po at baka maging kasing gwapo niyo ako. hihi brrr

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