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Friday, 01 February 2013

Fun-with-Evidence Friday: Do you suffer from evidence euphoria? Or research rapture?

Well, hell. Another malady to worry about. Sean Pidgeon described research rapture in a recent New York Times column. Here I am, searching for evidence to support my every move, only to learn it's an addiction. I'll call it evidence euphoria.

I thought I was just being thorough. As Pidgeon explains: "If I may paraphrase various informal definitions that are to be found online, research rapture is something like this: A state of enthusiasm or exaltation arising from the exhaustive study of a topic or period of history; the delightful but dangerous condition of becoming repeatedly sidetracked in following intriguing threads of information, or constantly searching for one more elusive fact."

Maybe this is why my dissertation took so long. Happy Fun-with-Evidence Friday, everybody.


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